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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Ironton Rail-Trail Oversight Commission

Whitehall Township The Ironton Rail-Trail Oversight Commission is composed of representatives of three municipalities (Whitehall, Coplay and North Whitehall) who are responsible for the development and maintenance of the 9.2 mile rail-trail.

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at various locations.

For meeting and other information regarding this Commission or the Ironton Rail-Trail, please refer to their website at

For meeting schedule please view our calendar.

Members include:

Bruce Stettler - President (NWT)
Casey Coleman - Vice President (WT)
Ray Bieak - Secretary (Whitehall)

Joseph Bundra - Liaison (Coplay)
Dale Donovan - (Coplay)
David Royer - Alternate (Coplay)
Michael Dee - Alternate (Coplay)

Dennis Klusaritz - Liaison (N. Whitehall)
Ron Bealer - Alternate (N. Whitehall)
Ray Deutsch (N. Whitehall)
Carl Gillikin - Alternate (N. Whitehall)
Mark Hills, Jr. - Alternate (N. Whitehall)
Paul Mantz - Alumnus (N. Whitehall)

Robert Piligian - Liaison (Whitehall)
Kim Scherer - (Whitehall)
Donald Keeney - Alternate (Whitehall)
Michael Dee - Alternate (Whitehall)
- Alternate (Whitehall)
Maryann Seagreaves - Alumna(Whitehall)
Robert Abbott - Alumnus (Whitehall)


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