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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Ethics Board

Whitehall Township The Ethics Board is comprised of five township citizens holding no other township elected or appointed position.

Duties and powers of the Board of Ethics are:

  1. To consider questions of ethical conduct and conflict of interest and issue advisory opinions on same.
  2. To conduct hearings on questions of ethical conduct and make recommendations for action to the Board of Commissioners, based on its findings.
  3. To provide a continuing program effecting implementation of the Code of Ethics.
  4. To require that all complaints must be duly notarized and signed by the person or persons filing any code violation charge, prior to any public hearing of same and/or public revelation of the charge.
  5. To accept and file any information voluntarily supplied that exceeds the requirements of the ordinance establishing the Ethics Board.
  6. To render a determination on all alleged violations.
  7. Shall have subpoena powers and the power to grant immunity under township law only.

The Ethics Board meets on an as-needed basis.
For meeting schedule please view our calendar.

Members include:
Ellen Mary Bennett
Clarence Kistler
Lana Snyder
Deborah Hamsho


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