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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Traffic Impact Advisory Committee

Whitehall Township This Committee was created to develop land use assumptions and conduct a roadway sufficiency analysis study for such geographical area or areas as it shall deem appropriate. It is charged with:

  1. Making recommendations with respect to land use assumptions, the development of comprehensive road improvements and impact fees.

  2. Making recommendations to approve, disapprove or modify a capital improvement program by preparing a written report containing these recommendations to the municipality.

  3. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of a capital improvement program and the assessment of impact fees and providing a report to the township with respect to the same.

  4. Advising the township of the need to revise or update the land use assumptions, capital improvement program or impact fees.

Members of this committee must either be residents of the township or conduct business within the township. They may not be employees or officials of the township, except that they may hold office as a member of the Planning Commission. Not less than 40% of its members can be representatives of the real estate, commercial and residential development or building industries.

For meeting schedule please view our calendar.

2022 Members include:
Monica Fabian
Michael Hobel
Jonathan L. Bolton
Robert Piligian
Craig Lesko
Joseph Macrina
David Howard
Michael Dee


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