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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Industrial & Commercial Development Authority

Whitehall Township The purpose of this Authority is to foster and promote the development of new, expanded and rehabilitated industrial, commercial, manufacturing and research and development enterprises in Whitehall Township as well as its surrounding communities.

The Board is made up of nine members, each serving five-year terms. Each Board member serves on various committees, including, without limitation, Marketing, Finance and Township Liaison.

The members, individually and as a whole, review applications for taxable and/or tax exempt bond financing, refinancing of existing client obligations, investments, servicing of current accounts, marketing of Authority services, prospective business opportunities and the general business of the Authority.

The Board meets six times per year and committees meet several times per year.

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The Executive Director of the WTICDA is Kent Newhart

For meeting schedule please view our calendar.

Members include:
Vito Gallo
Cheryl Huckabee
Stephanie Colbry
Diane Davidson
Rhonda Bastian
Kent Newhart
Benn Smith
Cara Butz
Michael Dee
Jeffrey Warren


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