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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Police - FAQs

How do I request an accident or incident report?

You must call the administrative office at 610-437-3042 Monday through Friday 8am to 4:00pm, or stop in during those times. There is a fee of $15.00 for each report.

Download form and return completely filled out. Photo identification required.

Example of reports that will not be given out, any ongoing investigation include incidents involving arrests and reports that you are directly not involved.

How do I respond to my traffic warning notice? What happens if I don't?

If you received a traffic warning notice, AND the officer indicated that you must correct a defect and show proof (ie- an expired registration or an inoperable headlamp), you can report to

Whitehall Township Police Headquarters
3731 Lehigh Street
Whitehall, PA 18052

If you report after regular business hours, pick up the telephone outside the door and an Officer will be with you momentarily to verify your compliance.

If you fail to show proof that you corrected a defect within the time allotted on the warning notice (usually five days), the issuing officer will then file a traffic citation for the offense(s).

How do I pay my traffic citation? What if I disagree with my citation?

It's important to note that you MUST respond to the citation within ten days, or a warrant will be issued. Whitehall Township is within Magisterial District 31-1-07. That district's office is located at:

3678 Crescent Ct. East
Whitehall, PA 18052

If you received a citation within Whitehall Township, follow the directions on the citation for response. If paying the citation, mail or delivery the bottom portion with your plea to the above address. If contesting the citation, sign on the "not guilty" line and return the bottom portion with collateral to the above address. If you have additional questions or would like to inquire about a payment plan, call the district's office at 610-437-6096.

If the traffic citation was not issued in Bethlehem Township, check the top of the citation for the appropriate Magisterial District office's address and forward you plea and payment there.

How long can a vehicle remain parked and when is it considered abandoned?

Public Roadways
Whitehall Township does not have an ordinance which requires legally parked vehicles to be moved based on a time frame. Whitehall follows the definition of an abandoned vehicle set in Pa Title 75 Sec 102.

If an officer determines a vehicle meets the definition of an abandoned vehicle, it may be handled in different ways.

If the vehicle belongs in the neighborhood, the officer may try to contact the owner to discuss the situation and any possible remedies with them.

The officer may place an orange abandoned vehicle sticker on the windshield or driver door window.

After the sticker is placed, officers follow Title 75 Section 3502(d), which requires a certified letter be sent to the registered owner. The owner has 7 days from the receipt of the letter to remove the vehicle before enforcement can be taken. If the vehicle is not removed in time, the vehicle will be towed by a state certified salvor.

If the vehicle is deemed to be a hazard to the environment or public safety, it may be towed immediately.

Private Property
When a private property owner reports an vehicle abandoned on their property they have 2 options.

Pay a tow company to remove the vehicle and then pursue a lien against the vehicle owner.

Sign a Penn Dot form stating the vehicle has been on the property over 24 hours and they authorize the vehicle be towed by the officer, per Title 75 Section 7311.1.

Unattended Vehicles in Public Parking Lots

If a vehicle is parked in a lot that the public normally has access to, the vehicle must meet the definition of an abandoned vehicle for the police to handle it. If the vehicle appears to be legally operable on a public street, then it is considered an unattended vehicle. The officer can issue a parking ticket, however removal of the vehicle falls on the property owner as per PA Vehicle Code ยง 3353 (c).

Is there a noise ordinance in Whitehall Township?

No. Officers have to make their best determination as to whether or not noise violates the law under Pa Crimes Code Title 18 5503 (a) (2), Disorderly Conduct.

In order to have successful prosecutions under this section, a victim/witness needs to testify about the circumstances that they observed in a court of law.

How do I pay a parking ticket or traffic citation?

Parking tickets can be paid at or mailed to:
Police Department
3731 Lehigh Street
Whitehall, PA 18052

Traffic citations can be paid at:
District Court 31-1-07
3678 Crescent Court East
Whitehall, Pa 18052

Full payments can be mailed or paid online through the Lehigh County website.

Payment plans must be arranged in person.

What if I don't agree with my ticket or citation?

If you don't agree with or have questions about a parking ticket, first contact the officer who issued it. After that you may ask to speak with the shift supervisor.

If you still don't agree, then do not pay the ticket. Once the payment period has passed, the officer will issue a state citation. You may plead not guilty to the citation and have a hearing in front of the District Justice.

If you don't agree with a traffic citation, then follow the directions on the ticket to plead not guilty. A hearing will be scheduled with the District Justice.

DO NOT ignore a traffic citation.

Not responding will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

Can I get a fine for excessive alarms at my home or business?

Yes. Our police and fire departments respond to a high number of alarms, the vast majority being false. If you have more than 3 false alarms in a 6 month period you may receive a citation.

My vehicle was towed, where can I get it?

Our township has a towing contract with local towing companies who must store any vehicle towed by the Whitehall Police in a secured lot within Whitehall Township.

If your vehicle was towed due to an accident or being disabled, you may contact the police department to determine where your vehicle currently is impounded.

If your vehicle was towed due to a traffic or criminal offense, you need to appear in person at the police department with identification to obtain a release form.

Releases will only be given to the registered owner, with few exceptions made on a case by case basis.

What if I don't agree with the fees for my towed vehicle?

The contract with our towing companies is negotiated and enforced by the township administration.

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