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Whitehall Township

Cut Green Grass
Yardwaste and cut green grass will be collected on the day after your normal collection day starting April 1, 2024 and transitions into leaf collection and ends the last week of November and material must be placed in open rigid containers.

No cardboard boxes or plastic bags! Picker must be able to lift container (50lb. max) or it will be left at the curb if overweight. NOTE - ornamental grass must be put in garbage toter. If put in yard waste, it will be left behind. Grass collection will be ending October 25, 2024.

Leaf Pickup
Leaves will be picked up until the last full week of November, 2024.

There is no collection on Thanksgiving Day.

Leaves will be collected the day after your normal trash collection day (on Monday if your trash is picked up Friday).

Leaves must be placed in open rigid containers. Opened Bags not tied, may be used provided there is one open container to deposit the used bags into.

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